My Idea of a Stephen King Movie Remake

Let me just say, out of all of the Stephen King movies and remakes (and trust me with a boyfriend like mine, that means I’ve seen a lot), Pet Sematary freaked me out the most. I don’t necessarily mean in a scary, thriller type movie way, but in a rip your heart out, bawl like a baby kind of way.

The actors were a great portrayal of the original cast from the 1989 film. Gage in the 2019 version looks almost identical to the actor from the original cast. I really enjoyed the graphics and how realistic it looked in a extreme gore sense. That is a wonderful benefit that we have with modern technology, along with great artists creating the images. Even the subtle connections to other King stories makes me appreciate it that much more.

1989 Gage Reed vs. 2019 Gage Reed

I apologize if this is a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to see Pet Sematary yet. I will try not to go into too much detail, but the twist that occurs in the 2019 movie is the part that got me the most. I am not the type to cry over movies (even though I must say the older I get the more emotional I get), but this one was a real tearjerker for me. Now not to say the first one wasn’t with the death of Church and the other deaths, but the newer film has a certain emotional pull to it and as much as I hate to admit, made me cry major crocodile tears.

I have to say out of all the movies I’ve watched this year, this is one of the top movies I have seen. Stephen King is a classic, the movies never disappoint, and the remakes have been incredibly successful. Highly recommended!

2019 Remake

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