The Rest of the Story – Book Review of Sarah Dessen

“A life isn’t just the pages you know, it’s everything.”

-Sarah Dessen, The Rest of the Story

Books are life. Have you ever found a book that you pick up and it just sucks you in? Well, I have found quite a few that make me forget about the reality of my life and take me to a place that sometimes I would much rather be. There are a few authors that I have found over the years to really catch my interest such as JK Rowling, Christina Lauren, Colleen Hoover, and Nicholas Sparks, just to name a few of my favorites. There has been one author though that caught my attention about 2 years ago, and I cannot believe that I hadn’t read any of her work before. With that being said, if you haven’t read a novel written by Sarah Dessen yet, you are missing out!

As of now, I own and have read every single one of her novels that have been published, and I have seen and own the movie How to Deal featuring Mandy Moore which was based off of 2 of her previous novels. Her latest novel was put on shelves in early June, and let me tell you, it didn’t take me long to purchase and read it.

The thing I enjoy most about Dessen’s work is how relatable it is. I can easily get lost while reading, because you constantly want to know what is happening next. Not to claim this as an action novel, but it definitely keeps your wanting to know more. The connection you gain with the characters in the story makes you want to be friends with them and get to know them on a personal level. This is not something a lot of authors are able to do. She has done it though in every novel that she has written. Even though there are a lot of similarities between her novels and she connects a lot of her stories through places or with other characters, each person has their own story and each story is made personable in its own way

Her latest novel The Rest of the Story, is no different. It captured me right away and had me wanting to read more. The main character Emma Saylor and her little quirks made her unique and fun to read about. You wanted to find out more about her story, as much as she did. The lake that is the basis of the entire story, is somewhere I want to be and makes me wonder if such a place actually exists. If you haven’t had the chance to read any of her novels yet, I highly suggest reading this one.

It’s also a dream of mine to meet her one day and maybe for someone out there, you may have the chance. I follow Sarah Dessen on all of her social media accounts, mostly so that I know about future releases (not only books – there’s talk of another movie – eeeeekkkkkk!!!!!) and I have come to find that she isn’t coming anywhere near the Pittsburgh area (major sad face :(((). Maybe one day, as I aspire to take my writing farther in life, I will have a chance to meet some of my favorite authors – her being one of them. But until then, I can hope that she continues to write stories as great as the ones I’ve read.

Make sure you take the time to check out Sarah Dessen’s work. Learn more about her on her website here.

I’m always open to other book options too – feel free to comment below and tell me some of your favorites! Also enter your email to get notified when I post 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story – Book Review of Sarah Dessen

  1. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors- starting when I read her book “Keeping the Moon” back in high school. It had such a profound impact on me… I really should see if my library has more of her books. It’s been so long since I read any of her work.

    As an aside: If you like her, you might also enjoy Sarah Addison-Allen. Her books are absolutely marvelous and have much the same “emotional feeling” as Sarah Dessen’s work imo.


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