Times may change but memories are forever

We are all guilty of jumping on the bandwagon for some sort of social media viral posts that go around (trust me, I’m no different). A lot of them are harmlessly annoying when others can be much more personal and uncomfortable for others. Personally, I like the ones where I can reminisce on memories from my past and show how much I’ve changed and grown over the years. Okay, okay I may get a kick out of the aging apps too that people try…judge me, I know you’ve tried it at least ones.

So all of that goes to say that this stemmed from a Facebook post that had me search for pictures of myself from 3 different times. 2011, which was 8 years ago, 2015, 4 years ago and this year, 2019 to see how much you have changed. And OMG mine was quite a shocker (don’t worry I’ll post the pictures for you to see too… probably along with a few other embarrassing selfies lol).

Not only did I get a good laugh out of going through my old albums on Facebook, but I also got to relive some of my fondest memories. Some of which I don’t often think about anymore. Like past vacations with my friends to OBX, my 16th birthday party that was Rock and Roll themed, my graduation from high school and college, countless goofy selfies with my friends and family members (my munchkin and I are known for our silly faces, but we always make up for it with a smile), cheering at football games, and so many more that if I tried to name them all I would be here for days.

It also makes me sad to realize that so many of the memories I was able to make, aren’t happening for kids today and that maybe one day my children will never get to experiences I did. But that’s not the purpose of this blog post. It really is a happy one for me.


Going back to that one Facebook post that made me search in the first place, I took a real close look at the pictures that I chose from that time in my life. Each picture is from a completely different side of me. In the first picture, I have a forced look on my face, my scene hair dyed jet black, and piercings in my face. I was also living in a place where I didn’t feel welcome. I was trying so hard to stand out and be different, but I wasn’t happy. This was also before I realized I was suffering from depression and anxiety. I was younger and naive. My life had drastic changes multiple times throughout that year that I didn’t handle well. (I didn’t even have to look at the picture to remember exactly when and where it took place.)


The second picture is a little bit better, but sadly I couldn’t tell you the exact time or place that picture was taken. I have a general idea, but it was a time where my life was still a blur. Sure I was doing fun things like going to Pens games and hitting the bar almost every weekend, but I wasn’t in a good spot. I was in an unhealthy and untrustworthy relationship, my anxiety was full blown and I knew it but wasn’t to the point of getting help for it, and I was beginning a very stressful time in my life where I was working at a job I hated full time and putting in a lot of late nights while going to college full time and getting prepared to begin my student teaching experiences. I was a literal mess. You can tell looking at that picture that I’m not happy, despite the smirk on my face.

Finally, the third picture is my favorite which honestly surprises me. A few years ago, you never would have caught me taking a selfie with my hair pulled up in a ponytail, very little makeup on, and a smile on my face. But this picture made me smile when I looked back at it and decided to post it.

I know I went on and on about all of these pictures and you’re tired of reading about them so I hope you enjoy all of the other memories I was able to reminisce on recently. Maybe you’ll even recognize some lovely faces that I’ve had the honor to be friends with along the way. Don’t laugh too hard, some are pretty great!

OBX 2008
Homecoming, senior year 2009
When my niece was born
My brother and I
One of my early scaring years at Haunted Hollow with Beetlejuice
Fleury signing my head when the Igloo was still up
Recognition picnic
Somerfest parade
Halloween 2018
Exploring Pittsburgh
family photos
Scary people at Haunted Hollow 2018
Polar Plunge with my best bud!
Warped tour 2010 – the one with the smoking bug & my best friend
Becoming Jubilee Queen in 2009
Graduating College
Senior year Powderpuff
Modeling prom dresses with my bestie

Hope you enjoyed just a few of my memories. I hope this encourages you to go and reminisce on your own. I’m sure each of you have grown some way and changed, so it’s always nice to look back and feel happy about how far you’ve come or even just relive those great memories. Thanks for reading. ❤ much love, miss teacup xo

13 thoughts on “Times may change but memories are forever

  1. Interestingly, I was just lokking at my old photos on Facebook and had mixed emotions. Some were at my low times others were just too hilarious. But overall I felt great goong through them. Thanks for sharing


  2. I love this. Really leaving me with all the “feels”. They say as you get older and find your purpose, your happiness shows. -Shelley Smith


  3. Hahaha you said that we are all guilty of jumping on the bandwagon for some sort of social media viral posts that go around. Nope, not all. I never did it tho 🤪


  4. Trust me every pic brings up old refreshing memories …I remember one old song of Bollywood which means “My name will vanish someday, my face might change only thing which will be same is my voice..if you remember it” We should cherish each moment!!


  5. I do enjoy looking through old pictures! My grandma was a scrapbooker and I have definitely inherited her love for photos!


  6. Lovely pictures, so great times! I love to look back at the old photos, sometimes I feel lucky that we didn’t have facebook when we were teens 🙂


  7. Great post, It is always interesting looking back on old photos and I agree times change but memories are forever. I love being able to look back at photos of happy times and remembering everything that came with it.


  8. So cool that with cell phones nearly every person has a camera handy in their pockets nowadays. Great moments captured in time forever. I remember cameras being a rarity and the few photos you had were the few photos you had. Then the rolls of undeveloped film that would sit in a junk drawer until you could to take them to the pharmacy to have the pictures developed. Though we never knew what we had captured back then until we would get the packet back. A neat surprise actually, that is unless they were all bad and then the moment lost. 📷🤳


  9. Facebook has this ‘memories’ feature and it shows posts and pictures that I posted years ago. It’s amazing how we’ve “evolved” and it remind us of out “past” selves. I’m one of those who try to jumped in the bandwagon! Hahaha! I also had those ‘scene/emo’ pictures that I posted years ago and it kinda makes me laugh sometimes. 😀


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