We all float down here

Okay, I had to throw the horror reference in there (we did that the entire time we were floating). But seriously, have you ever heard of Coal Tubin’? Until this year, I hadn’t and boy, am I tell you what. I was missing out! If you want to see my adventure you can check out the video here. Make sure you subscribe to my channel too!

If you are like me and have never heard of Coal Tubin’ before, I highly suggest checking it out. If you like be outside and relaxing with friends or family during the summer, then this is perfect for you. Especially if you’re local to the Johnstown/Somerset area. There is a shuttle that picks you up right on Main St in Johnstown, takes you to the river for take-off and then picks you up at the end of the ride to be shuttled back to where you parked. It’s super simple and cheap too! We went on a weekend and only spend $20 per person (unless you wanted an upgraded “Cadillac” tube) and we floated for 3 hours! Plus we got a tube just for a cooler and we were able to take drinks and food with us. What’s better than drinking and floating down a river? (if you’re of age of course) NOTHING! The only thing is you have to sign a release form, but what’s a signature for a day of fun! Make sure you listen to the directions given to you, and enjoy yourself.

I know what you’re thinking, she’s crazy for floating down this river, without any safety gear other than the huge, orange tube. You want to know why? The water level was an average of only 2.86 feet deep! A lot of areas you could see to the bottom. The biggest hazards you face while floating is the rocks and trees, and if you can paddle your feet (or even just walk) you can move out of the way of danger.

If you’re into more of a fast pace water rapid ride, they have those too. We went with the River Tubin’ which was perfect for us. Nice and easy, for the most part, and just all around great fun. You can easily check out their other options at their website here. They also give you their prices and any other information you may need.

We are already planning our next trip with friends. I can’t wait! This is definitely going to be something I do every summer and highly recommend it to anyone in the area. I haven’t laughed that much in such a long time. I was able to spend some quality time with my family and that’s hard to come by recently.

So get out there and go Coal Tubin’. You won’t regret it! If you do – make sure you fill us in on how it was. Comment down below if you have done this or anything like it! I’d love to get other suggestions on fun things to do.

Thanks for reading. Make sure you check out my Youtube channel. Subscribe and follow my blog as well.

Much Love

Missteacup xo

4 thoughts on “We all float down here

  1. Definitely an amazing time. I found it was super relaxing and I can say for 3 hours I laid all my worries to the side and just focused on quality time with my amazing girlfriend and her family. I highly recommend it anyone.


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