The Figure – Short Story 1

Disclaimer: This idea came from a "story starter" book (the first sentence is not mine.) I left it end in a way that I could continue on, but it does not have to. If you enjoy stories that tend to be a little creepy, please continue reading... A figure appeared in the darkness: in the [...]

Times may change but memories are forever

We are all guilty of jumping on the bandwagon for some sort of social media viral posts that go around (trust me, I'm no different). A lot of them are harmlessly annoying when others can be much more personal and uncomfortable for others. Personally, I like the ones where I can reminisce on memories from [...]

We all float down here

Okay, I had to throw the horror reference in there (we did that the entire time we were floating). But seriously, have you ever heard of Coal Tubin'? Until this year, I hadn't and boy, am I tell you what. I was missing out! If you want to see my adventure you can check out [...]

My Idea of a Stephen King Movie Remake

Let me just say, out of all of the Stephen King movies and remakes (and trust me with a boyfriend like mine, that means I've seen a lot), Pet Sematary freaked me out the most. I don't necessarily mean in a scary, thriller type movie way, but in a rip your heart out, bawl like [...]